• Selective Control.
  • Higher Yields.
  • Lower Costs.
  • Better Fermentation.
  • Clean Co- Products.
  • Safe for People
  • Unsafe for Microbes.

BioFuel Pro 3000

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About BioFuel Pro 3000 - EN

At Unirem Technologies, our mission is to offer superior quality, innovative medical and industrial products at affordable prices. In conjunction with our distributor network, PGI Health and its divisions, including PGI Environmental, provide a range of forward-thinking solutions designed to improve lives, business, and the planet’s future. For more information, please visit us at healthpgi.com.

Selective Control

Selective Control. No Selective
Unlike antibiotics, BioFuel Pro 3000®’s
biocidal formula does not promote
bacterial resistance or harm yeast.

Better Fermentation

Better Fermentation. Clean Co-
BioFuel Pro 3000® promotes yeast
activity during fermentation and kills
unwanted microorganisms without
contaminating valuable co-products, such
as distiller’s grains.

Higher Yields

Higher Yields. Lower Costs.
BioFuel Pro 3000® saves 30% or more
in costs during the production phase
and maximizes ethanol production, in
addition to protecting the marketability
of secondary products.

Safe for People

Safe for People and the Planet.
Unsafe for Microbes.
Gentle enough for use in dental
applications, yet more effective than
antibiotics, BioFuel Pro 3000® is a
sustainable, sensible, and powerful
biocidal solution.

Beat Bacteria Without Antibiotics

Increase ethanol yields and decrease costs with BioFuel Pro 3000®. BioFuel Pro 3000®’s powerful biocidal formula destroys unwanted microbes during biofuel production without antibiotics – and without losing effectiveness over time due to increasing bacterial resistance. Safe for yeast, yet deadly to lactobacilli and other competing microorganisms, BioFuel Pro 3000® controls bio-contaminants and boosts ethanol production in just one easy step.

US Contact – David Jones
(1) 615 406 2633
Brazil Contact – Michael Bain
(55) 11 3042 9905